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date: April 9, 2004
new update and info on the new website
The progress of the new website is moving along rather slowly, unfortunately, it may take longer than expected to complete. As for the recent issue with the site shut down, I was unable to get the account back, so we have now moved to a new site. Please read the above notice in Red to prepare yourself in case this site goes down as well.

I am currently searching for a new web host - please check the bulletin board for more information. As I have mentioned in the previous update, this site is using almost all of the web space allocated. Because of that, I have moved a few images to another host - they are still directly linked to this site though, so you don't need to worry. I also no longer need any more image editors to help with cleaning up the crease lines and fixing the scans - I believe the group of image editors who have helped me to this point should be more than capable with handling any future tasks. My thanks go out again to all of you who have helped! ;) As for today's new updates:

The following scans cleaned and retouched courtesy of Ranx:

The following are various NEW scans that have been submitted:
  • Series 1 book 9 - submitted by Joukov
  • Series 1 book 12 - submitted by Joukov
  • Series 2 book 2 - submitted by Joukov
  • Series 2 book 8 - submitted by Joukov
  • Series 2 book 11
  • In the Submissions section:
    • 2 additional Togihimezoushi scans courtesy of Joukov
    • 2 other Shirow-related scans in the Miscellaneous section
    • 6 pieces of retouched scans in the Retouched section thanks to Strider

date: February 25, 2004
big news
Its been awhile since my last update on this site. I want to thank all of the photoshop people who have helped with cleaning up the posterbook scans. You guys did some excellent work! Also, my thanks go out to everyone who has submitted posterbook scans and fanart to the site - thanks for keeping this site updated with the latest Shirow art! As for the big news, this site is currently using around 98% of available web space. Which means, we'll be expanding after this! So for the next update, expect a brand new site design! Since we're expanding, this site will start hosting ALL Shirow-related artwork, not just the Posterbook collection. Please look forward to it! ;)

In the mean time, here are today's new updates:

The following scans cleaned and retouched courtesy of Ranx:

Series 2 book 7 - poster cleaned and retouched courtesy of Chiketee.

The following are various NEW scans that have been submitted:

date: January 24, 2004
big update
Well, this is the update alot of you have been waiting for. So here's whats new in the Poster Book section:

The Submissions page has been updated with 3 new sections. Check out the page to view the images:

  • fan art - This section has 2 new fan artwork from Hentaikid.
  • retouched - This section has 4 retouched images courtesy of Milo and 1 retouched image from an unknown artist. My thanks to Squishy for finding the latter image.
  • miscellaneous - This section contains 1 hellhound postcard image courtesy of Chicketee and 3 other pieces of Shirow artwork.

And lastly, the Links section has been updated with several new links.

date: December 23, 2003
christmas comes early!
I apologize for the late update. I've been busy and haven't had much time to update the site. Anyway, I figured I could at least squeeze in an update before Christmas. So here it is!

  • Purchasing information for the Poster Books and the Japanesque Calendar have been updated with links to new websites that carry the items. Thanks for the tip from Gold Leader.
  • I've included a short notice in the "Poster Book Collection" section detailing why some of the Poster Books are censored. I've been getting quite a few emails about this issue.
  • A new Fan Art section has opened under the "Submissions" page. You can start sending in fan art to my email or my ftp - check the "Submissions" page for updated details.

The following scans have been retouched thanks to Protocol. They're now all crease free!

And now, for what you've all been waiting for, Poster Book scans for Series 2 Book 8 (hellcat 3) as well as the special Chrism poster are up. Many thanks to Fukushima Kelly. You can find them in the "Poster Book Collection" page. For your convenience, here are the direct links:

date: November 18, 2003
more updates and new teleka scans
Joukovsan notified me awhile ago that he would be writing up a comprehensive list for the Poster Book Collection. I've added a little segment along with the appropriate links concerning this in the "introduction" section of the home page.

Information about the new Japanesque 2004 calendar along with high-res scans and purchasing information can be found on the "bulletin board".

New teleka scans have been submitted thanks to joukovsan and Fukushima Kelly:

  • Series 1 book 2 - telekas 1 and 2 submitted by Fukushima Kelly.
  • Series 1 book 3 - telekas 1 and 2 submitted by Fukushima Kelly.
  • Series 1 book 6 - teleka 1 submitted by joukovsan.

date: November 5, 2003
minor corrections
Nippon export now has an English section. You can select to go to the English version from the right side column on the site. Clicking on the link above in the purchasing the poster books section will also bring you directly to the english site.

A minor correction on the poster book collection page - Series 1 book 12 (gun & action xii - galhound) was misplaced in the Series 2 section. Its now back where it belongs. Thanks for the tip from joukovsan.

date: October 26, 2003
more poster book scans
I realise this site hasn't been updated in quite awhile, hopefully, this big update will make up for it. ;)
The updates for today include the following:

  • 2 New poster books have been submitted thanks to Fukushima Kelly - Series 2 HellCat 2 and Series 2 Galhound 3. You can find them in the Poster Book Collection page.
  • New information concerning Poster Book submissions is located on the Bulletin Board.
  • A new "Purchasing the Poster Books" section is up on the home page.
  • In the next few days, I will be taking down the website, so please change your bookmarks to

    I don't find the need for having 2 mirrors, and the new site host seems to be much more reliable. I will be using the for testing purposes for my other projects. I do intend to put up a new website containing other works from Masamune Shirow, so I will be using the web1000 site for testing out new site designs. Feel free to check on my progress once in awhile if you want. ;)

date: September 19, 2003
new web host
Thanks to moku, I've been able to set up a new mirror site on a new host. For now, I will leave the website online for at least a few weeks until I make sure that the new mirror site is running without any problems. Anyway, without further ado, I present to you the new Masamune Shirow Poster Book Collection mirror website:

date: September 5, 2003
new scans and website design update
As you can see, the website's design has been updated. Hopefully, the design update will be more convenient for you. Instead of having to scroll through one single page to access different sections, each section is now on a separate page. The navigator bar can be found directly below the website's logo.

New Wild Wet Quest 2 scans (Series 2) have been submitted thanks to The Executor. These will replace the temporary scans that were here originally.

A new "bulletin board" section has opened and is located on the home page. Please check the section once in awhile for new website notices.

Todays new link update is:

  • Big Bull's Anime Artwork Website - Big Bull's website has a collection of very professionally drawn artwork. Some of his pieces are inspired by Masamune Shirow.

date: August 24, 2003
good things come to those who wait
Cleaning up the high-res scans took longer than I thought. Anyway they're up now - both Wild Wet Quest (Series 2 Book 1) and HellCat (Series 2 Book 2). Many thanks to The Executor for his contributions for the HellCat poster book scans!

It has come to my attention that some of you may have had problems with downloading the images from the site. The site generates a large amount of traffic everyday, so if you are having problems getting an image, please try again in a few hours.

Banners have been put up for a few of the links at the bottom of this page. If you already have a link on this site, and don't see a banner, please send me one! Make sure that the banner is within reasonable size also having a maximum height of 100 pixels. If you don't have a link on this site, and would like me to help promote your site, please send me a link along with a banner.

Today's link updates include:

  • - This site has an amazing collection of anime artwork, wallpapers, and lots of other goodies. Check out the Masamune Shirow section for an archive of his works.
  • Shirow Graphics - The English section of Shirow Graphics is currently under construction. However, the French section has a large variety of Shirow's artwork, calendars, as well as manga info on Appleseed, Intron Depot, etc.
  • aaapollo's Anime Artwork Website - aaapollo's fan artwork is one of the best I've seen around here. I recommend checking out his website. Alot of his artwork is inspired by Masamune Shirow.

date: August 18, 2003
good news / bad news
Lets start with the bad - unfortunately, I've been tied up with other work, so the Wild Wet Quest poster book scans will only be up either tomorrow or the day after.

The good - thanks to The Executor and his contributions, I will have high-res scans of Hellcat uploaded to the site pretty soon! (Thats the Hellcat poster book 2 from Series 2) ;)

update! New scans for Wild Wet Quest 2 are up thanks to Fukushima Kelly. These scans are not as high-res as the rest, so they will remain here until I get higher-res scans. If you didn't know Fukushima Kelly is also selling Masamune Shirow Poster Books at $15 US each (shipping incl.). If you're interested, please contact him at

date: August 17, 2003
new host, new start
Finally managed to get this site online again. This time my new host is web1000. Hopefully this site will be up for much longer than it was before. ;) Also, please be gentle with the bandwidth - even though web1000 advertises unlimited bandwidth, I don't want to overload their bandwidth suddenly.

Other Notices:

  • Image links have been changed to link to the images on this host. If there are any dead links, please let me know.
  • A new hit counter has been added to keep track of traffic on this site. The hit counter is provided by GoStats.
  • High Res Poster Book scans for Series 2 Book 1 - Wild Wet Quest should be up shortly. I'm just editing out the crease lines from the scans at the moment.

date: August 03, 2003
first day on the net
This website has been hastily put together. If there are any problems, please let me know. You can find my contact details in the "contact" section.

  • All of the 1st series poster books have been uploaded. I'm missing a few teleka cards for various poster books, if anyone would like to contribute, please check the "submissions" section.
  • The 3rd poster book of the 2nd series - Galhound 2, from Uppers 15 has been scanned and uploaded by yours truly. ;)
  • I'm expecting my shipment of the 1st poster book of Series 2 - Wild Wet Quest in a few days. So expect to see some high res scans of the book pretty soon. ;)
  • I'm still trying to get scans for poster book 2 of the 2nd Series - Hellcat. If anyone has high res scans of them, please feel free to contribute!