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Welcome to the Masamune Shirow Poster Book Collection website. In here, you will find scans from the Poster Books that appear in the Uppers magazine from Japan. The scans are hosted here as a service to the Masamune Shirow community. These scans are provided only for your personal use.

If you're looking for a comprehensive list of the Poster Book Collection, joukovsan has written up a page for just that. You can find the list documenting each edition along with the edition's teleka cards here - list. He has also written up a chronological list which can be found here - chronological list.

purchasing information
If you wish to purchase the Uppers magazine in which you can find the Poster Books, you can contact Nippon Export. Their site is in both French and English -> Nippon Export
The item you're looking for on the site is the Uppers Magazine Item

You can also purchase Poster Books from Fukushima Kelly. If you're interested, you can visit his website at or contact him at

It has come to my attention that also sells the Poster Books, along with various other Masamune Shirow works. As a matter of fact, all three sites mentioned above sell many of his various other works.

Please support Masamune Shirow's art!!

latest updates and news

date: April 9, 2004
new update and info on the new website
The progress of the new website is moving along rather slowly, unfortunately, it may take longer than expected to complete. As for the recent issue with the site shut down, I was unable to get the account back, so we have now moved to a new site. Please read the above notice in Red to prepare yourself in case this site goes down as well.

I am currently searching for a new web host - please check the bulletin board for more information. As I have mentioned in the previous update, this site is using almost all of the web space allocated. Because of that, I have moved a few images to another host - they are still directly linked to this site though, so you don't need to worry. I also no longer need any more image editors to help with cleaning up the crease lines and fixing the scans - I believe the group of image editors who have helped me to this point should be more than capable with handling any future tasks. My thanks go out again to all of you who have helped! ;) As for today's new updates:

The following scans cleaned and retouched courtesy of Ranx:

The following are various NEW scans that have been submitted:
  • Series 1 book 9 - submitted by Joukov
  • Series 1 book 12 - submitted by Joukov
  • Series 2 book 2 - submitted by Joukov
  • Series 2 book 8 - submitted by Joukov
  • Series 2 book 11
  • In the Submissions section:
    • 2 additional Togihimezoushi scans courtesy of Joukov
    • 2 other Shirow-related scans in the Miscellaneous section
    • 6 pieces of retouched scans in the Retouched section thanks to Strider

date: February 25, 2004
big news
Its been awhile since my last update on this site. I want to thank all of the photoshop people who have helped with cleaning up the posterbook scans. You guys did some excellent work! Also, my thanks go out to everyone who has submitted posterbook scans and fanart to the site - thanks for keeping this site updated with the latest Shirow art! As for the big news, this site is currently using around 98% of available web space. Which means, we'll be expanding after this! So for the next update, expect a brand new site design! Since we're expanding, this site will start hosting ALL Shirow-related artwork, not just the Posterbook collection. Please look forward to it! ;)

In the mean time, here are today's new updates:

The following scans cleaned and retouched courtesy of Ranx:

Series 2 book 7 - poster cleaned and retouched courtesy of Chiketee.

The following are various NEW scans that have been submitted:

bulletin board

looking for new web host

Due to the recent account shut down, its made me think twice about the reliability of the current host. With the limited web space, managing the new website which will be around 3 times the size of this one on the current web host would be challenging. This is why I've decided to start looking for an alternate web host. If anyone can help with the web hosting, please let me know. As for some guidelines as to what I would need from the host:

  • Approximately 400 MB of web space.
  • Monthly bandwidth of around 5 GB.
  • MySQL, PHP, Javascript etc. support would be ideal, but not necessary.
  • FTP access.
If you have any information that would be useful to me concerning my search for a new web host, please send me an email at Thanks

japanesque 2004 calendar

The 2004 Japanesque calendar featuring artwork from Masamune Shirow has been released and can be purchased from the following websites:

High-res scans of the calendar are also available at Jesse's Anime Figures.

There is also a different 2004 calendar released by Tide-Mark which features older artwork from Masamune Shirow. You can purchase this calendar from and

about poster book submissions

As new poster books are released by Masamune Shirow, I ask that anyone who can get a hold of the new poster book scans to submit them to this site. That way, I can keep the site updated with the latest information and scans. Even though I don't own a scanner myself, I will put up scans of my own when I get the opportunity to scan the poster books. Again, your submissions would be a tremendous help!

Concerning crease line fixing in the poster book scans - Many thanks to all the people who responded. Thanks to everyone who helped with the cleaning and fixing of the posterbook scans. No more new help is needed for the time being, thank you.

distributing the poster book scans

As mentioned above, the poster book scans from this website should only be for your personal use. However, if you wish to distribute the scans through another medium - ftp, p2p, usenet, etc. I only ask that you also provide information to your clients about how to purchase the poster books. Details for purchasing the poster books are located on this website. Please promote and support Masamune Shirow's artwork when you distribute the scans. Thank you. ;)

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